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How we helped Strongarm Tech revolutionize workplace safety

StrongArm Tech are the pioneers of connected device technology for occupational safety monitoring and prevention. Using wearable safety technology, data science, and predictive analytics, StrongArm delivers insights to manage risk and reduce workplace injuries.

In January 2022 they raised $50 million led by Drive Capital—its second financing in 12 months—to crank up production and sales of its wearable devices. With the new funding, StrongArm is valued at $200 million. Their clients include Wal-Mart, Amazon, Toyota and 3M

Our Work

Proof-of-Concept Android App, User-Experience Improvements



Individual Athlete Profile


Tech stack

The key technologies used on this project:

  • Kotlin
  • Jetpack Compose
  • Coroutines Flow for data manipulation
  • Hilt for Dependency Injection
  • Room Database and Protobuf for local data storage
  • Junit and Mockk for testing
  • Retrofit & OkHttp for communication with web service
  • A proprietary BLE framework using Coroutines
  • Firebase for analytics & crash monitoring
  • MVI design pattern

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