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PxD projects we are the most proud of

PxD is short for the intersection of physical and digital.
We've been involved in delivering over 30 outstanding projects that join software and hardware. Our Partners ranged from startup to enterprise. Here are several examples


World’s first wellness ring and mobile app that tracks sleep, activity, and physiological responses in your body.

Raised a follow-on $28M Series B from Forerunner Ventures, Square and Google's Gradient Ventures.


A networked multi-room audio controller solution including music services integration and voice control.

Acquired by ROKU for $3.5M.

Jeep x McIntosh

An in-car media player in which we translated McIntosh Power Meters into a beautiful digital animation.

The app will be installed 2021/2022 in every JEEP equipped with McIntosh audio system.

Partners we developed PxD for, rated us 5/5 on Clutch

Partner up with a company that developed over 30 successful projects at the intersection of physical and digital

We master the intersection of physical and digital

During 12 years of our experience, we learned that the full cycle IoT development is all about perfect communication. Between the hardware and the software, between our Partner and our team and inside the team. When the communication clicks, everything clicks.

Balanced Project Management

Our experienced project managers will strike the perfect balance between the scope, the budget and the timeline of your project.

Developers who do deliver

We are proud of employing developers that are both efficient and effective, which guarantees that we do deliver what we agreed on. Just a cherry on top, we won countless Hackatons with their help!

Perfect communication

The Partners praise the communication abilities of our teams, our empathy and commitment to their projects.
They also praise the communication between hardware and software after we are finished.

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Battleborn expertise

Listed below are some other recognitions we’ve acquired during 12 years of our continuous business delivery of high quality software and hardware.
Ranked top at numerous prestigious global hackathons
PayPal Hackathon runner-ups
Numerous mentorships at all stages of the product life-cycle

Our cross-industry experience allows us to identify your milestones with just a 30min chat.

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