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Remote design sprint workshops 

Build or improve your digital products with confidence. Reduce costs and time-to-market.
Companies using the design sprints framework

Validate your product idea quickly

Design Sprint is a battle-tested workshop framework based on the design thinking approach. Its goal is to reduce the risk when bringing a new product, service or a feature to the market. It is a shortcut to learning without building and launching.

After the workshop you get a prototype of the solution, usability tests report, and a set of actionable insights on the nexts steps. It is up to you decide how to proceed. Feel free to hire our designers and developers to further work on your product.

What are the key strengths of Design Sprints?

Fast & efficient

What we accomplish in days would normally take months of costly iterations between you and your agency.


Getting users’ feedback is crucial for prototype validation and gives you a solid base for further development.


Identify problems early on so that you can avoid expensive bug fixing after your product has been launched.


Sprint is a collective effort that confronts ideas from experienced professionals that add value to the discussion.

Design Sprints, the remote way

It takes as little as five steps to answer critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with real users.
Intent design sprint process - user tests
Collecting insights, 
benchmarking and 
market research
Intent design sprint process - problem mapping
Definig challenges 
and producing 
multiple solutions
Client involvement
Intent design sprint process - decision making
Decision making & storyboarding
Choosing the right 
path and creating 
visual user story
Client involvement
Intent design sprint process - prototype building
Creating and interactive 
prototype and preparing 
for testing
Intent design sprint process - user tests
Testing with 
Gathering and 
analysing feedback 
from target users


See what our clients say about the design sprint experience with us.
Kristian David Elgen
They’re easy to work with, organized, and have effective processes with a professional, customer‑centric attitude. They also provide a lot of valuable feedback to improve product outcomes.
Kristian David Elgen
Remote Design Sprint


  • Solving a complex problem
  • Validating a bold idea


  • 2 weeks (including 3 online workshop sessions)


  • Client, designers, researcher, developer, PM, Expert(s)


  • An interactive prototype of most crucial user flow tested with real users
  • Report with usability testing results
  • Our recommendations on the next steps

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Looking for something else?

Design Sprint was built for specific use cases. If you feel it is not suited for you, we are offering other one-day workshops for every stage of the product lifecycle.
R&D, Introduction
Product Workshop
“I have an early idea, but I don’t know if that makes business sense.”
Introduction, Growth
Design Studio
“I know what product I 
want to create, but I don’t know how it should look and work”
Growth, Maturity
Product Improvement
“I have a working product, but I want to make it better.”
All phases
Kick-off Workshop
“I want to develop an app with Intent, but I want to make sure they understand my business.”