Project's origin
House appliances and maintenance
1 UI Designer
1 Front-end Developer
Tech stack
Mobile UI & UX Design
User Guide
Landing Page

about evici

Managing household tasks and maintenance
eVici is a PropTech platform that keeps track of all the household tasks that are commonly forgotten - from measuring temperature loss & moisture levels (using tailor-made IoT hardware) to appliance maintenance. It was born out of the legal requirements in Norway.
About eVici
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Need for design expertise

The eVici team had a strong back-end development muscle, but with complex products like this, the key to success is great user onboarding and a strong emphasis on perfect user experience. 

As a startup, eVici had a specific schedule for reaching milestones. Recruiting and training their own design team could turn out to be a cumbersome task with a high probability of failure and financial burden.
Scope of work


Creating a visual system and identity for eVici

eVici required comprehensive UI and UX support for the backend developers team in shipping the final product. We've covered that need with our UI Team Lead involvement and a Front-end Developer service.

As the next milestone, we have designed a visual user guide that would serve the role of tutorial for first-time users. In cooperation with an illustrator, we have created a step-by-step guide on how to use eVici products.

The cherry on the top was our design and development of a project's landing page that encourages visitors to use the eVici system by strongly focusing on the performance and conversion rate optimization.
Landing Page


Appealing visual design
The eVici mobile application was designed with a fully user-centric approach that resulted in feels-like-home experience for new users.
Manual for first-time users
The onboarding process for the eVici application is painless and self-explanatory on each step of the way.
Efficient landing page
The eVici landing page clearly explains the features and benefits coming from household maintenance automation and simply converts.
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