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Who, as an agile development company, do we want to work with?

by Jakub Dąbrowski

Who, as an agile development company, do we want to work with?

Intent is a purposefully small agile development company specialized in delivering products and MVPs at the intersection of physical and digital. During our selling processes, some of our potential customers asked us who we wanted to work with. The first time we met this question, we, of course, gave an answer, but it was crude, and we were unhappy with it. After the meeting, our growth department met to discuss the issue thoroughly. So who do we enjoy delivering our software and hardware solutions to the most?

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Being mindful about the company’s needs helps it deliver the best quality

One of the most important things is that the potential customer asked us about our needs. Being concerned about those takes you halfway to becoming our dream Partner. You don't come to us just to get the best quality. You know that being mindful of our needs during the process will ultimately help you achieve the best service possible.

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The trust with the budget, since it is just a piece of a greater puzzle

The second most important thing to us is that the potential customer trusts us with the budget. The negotiations sometimes might get emotional, but you should never forget that if you want,

  • The wide scope

  • Delivered in the highest quality possible

  • And in the set timeframe

It might be quite a stretch for the whole agile development team we dedicate to your project. And stretching in business, as you well know, usually means stretching the resources too.

When the other agile development company offers you better conditions, just compare the quality of the products it delivered, the quality of their tender deliverables and the rapport they built with you. You will usually see that if the price is lower, the mentioned factors are of lower quality too. You might also learn the hard way what overpromise and overinvested marketing mean.


An example of the Partner who trusted us with their budget during their agile product development is Lover. Trust is always mutual. If the Partner trusts us, we trust them. In Lover’s case, trust was so strong that we invested in them after we finished the work. A few months later, Lover raised a $5M seed round from Tinder’s Founder, Sean Rad, Lerer Hippeau and other notable VCs.

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Long term commitment with the agile development company

Our dream Partner is not up for a short affair with us. Of course, first, they usually want to try us with a smaller project, but, from the very beginning, they are seriously looking for long-term cooperation. The longer we work together, the better our agile development team knows the Partner and the better projects they can deliver together. The Partner learns what we are best at and can align their projects accordingly. On the other hand, we learn from the Partner how they work, soak in their brand's DNA and explore all the nuts and bolts that allow us to deliver more and more perfect projects each time.

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The development company can be the Think Partner, not a build team

We clearly state this when we begin our cooperation. If you know what you want and have everything planned to the smallest detail, we might not be an agile development company for you. We are not soldiers; we don't only act. We think about the actions that have the most sense in the setting we are in, and we sometimes question the Partner if we believe our solution might be better. Questioning the Partner means that we are always up for a discussion to find the best idea when we have second thoughts about the Partner's proposition.

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The product is at the intersection of physical and digital

Of course, we have created over 160 standalone applications, but our agile product development process really shines at the intersection of hardware and software. We call it PxD (physical x digital) for short. Here is a short case study to complement our statements.


We helped Oura achieve the app parity and implemented several other features. After working with us, the company raised a follow-on $28M Series B from Forerunner Ventures, Square, and Google's Gradient Ventures.
As a result of our workshops, we have enhanced the world's first wellness ring and mobile app that tracks sleep, activity, and physiological responses in your body. Oura ring enables you to learn how your lifestyle choices affect your sleep and how your sleep quality affects your ability to perform.
With our extensive expertise in cross-platform technologies and integrations, we've managed to seamlessly connect the Android application with Google Fit, integrating the user data from Oura and Google Fit.

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Where we have large Values and Culture overlap

We are proud of the culture we cultivate at intent, and it is important to us that our employees respect it and make their own. If then, the Partner has a culture that is compatible with ours, the work naturally goes much smoother.

Below you can learn what our values are and so, check if our companies are compatible.


Geeks, yogis, fighters, tech freaks – a jigsaw puzzle where every piece somehow adds up to an A-team-level. We’re there for one another. We genuinely care and have a hell lot of fun together.


We don’t mind doggies, but when there is an elephant in the office, we’ll sure make noise about it! We know all too well that problem-solving starts with sweeping the problem from under the carpet. We give feedback and always want to hear it, the good and the bad alike.


Trust is a given around here. We believe it to be the setting stone for autonomy and ownership. Have an idea or a project?

You know what they say: ships are not built to stay in the harbor. Be the captain, set sail, don’t give in to the first iceberg.


Think outside the box? What even is the box? We question, we challenge assumptions and we redesign the box. We exercise creativity as a conscious approach to our work and believe that it goes hand in hand with mind wanders. Unlearn the default.


It’s our ever-hunger for knowledge and innovation that makes us stay on top of the game. We have a thing for experiments and we adapt swiftly. We’re not scared to take risks because we know priceless lessons come from successes and failures alike. Learning is the name of the game.

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Where intent can grow with the project as an agile development company

An exciting project, a good atmosphere, and a generous budget are always great, but if our agile development teams can't grow during their work, we won't ever become the best versions of ourselves. That is why it is crucial for us to take part in the projects that will help us grow. Our growth is especially beneficial to the Partners who plan to commit to a long-term working relationship or return to us with their next projects.

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  • The agile development company works better if they are compatible with the customer

  • At intent, we treat our customers as Partners

  • We enjoy working with Partners who: are mindful about our needs, trust us with the budget, want a long-term working relationship, treat us as a Think Partner, not a build team; want to develop a project at the intersection of hardware and software, have compatible Values and Culture, want to develop a project that will be challenging for us


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