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5 CarPlay apps that people love

by Jakub Dąbrowski

5 CarPlay apps that people love

American drivers spend an average of 293 hours a year behind the wheel. According to McKinsey & Company, in 2018 40 percent of them said they would change car brands for better connectivity. The drive to feeling connected increases every year, and strongly influences the world’s biggest industries.

At Intent, we’ve been looking at this automotive revolution for a while, and actually have worked on some car solutions so, obviously, we have our favorite car apps for iOS. I’ve decided to do a quick survey among friends, acquaintances, and colleagues inside and outside the company to find out which apps are rockin’ people’s phones. This resulted in a list of 5 apps most of us use almost every day. Wanna know who won our hearts?

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1. Waze: 50 shades of connected

Waze is the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app. They proved that when it comes to perfect navigations it’s exactly how their website says — “nothing can beat real people working together”. Waze is this perfect kind of collective consciousness that gets you alerted on everything that’ happening on the road — accidents, traffic jams, police patrols, or road hazards, and it happens in real-time. Not to mention that the maps are being constantly updated.

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Another thing people love about Waze is that you can effortlessly sync with your friends via Facebook and when driving to the same destination coordinate everyone’s arrival times and check how they’re doing on the way.

Oh, almost forgot — with this app you can literally save your money by navigating to the cheapest gas stations on your route. How freakin’ cool is that?

And they have a carsharing app too!

Seriously, I love Waze.

Btw. Waze has 90mln users monthly in 185 countries

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2. Audible: Read me hard

Imagine you’re hitting the long road with someone who:

  • Doesn’t ask if it’s still far every 10 minutes

  • Doesn’t beg you to stop your car for a “quick” pee and spends 40 minutes eating some suspicious hotdogs on some nasty gas station

  • Is not so boring that instead of staying awake you’re almost passing out of boredom

  • Tells you AWESOME, EXCITING, THRILLING, TOUCHING or whatever-you-like-them stories, reads you magazines or actually teaches you something while you drive

  • Is with you for better, for worse, and FOR FREE

  • Could have the voice of a famous person you admire/love/obsess over/planning to kidnap

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Yes, my friends. Such a driving partner exists. And it’s called Audible. And it’s great for short rides too!

Btw. The longest audiobook ever is “50 Lectures” by Takaaki Yoshimoto (Japan) and it lasts 6,943 minutes (115 hours and 43 minutes). Challenge accepted?

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3. Overcast: Hear other people

Driving with friends and family on board is sweet but let’s be honest — sometimes you just want them to shut the f❤❤k up and you’ve every right to feel to it. Instead of saying something that will make you look like an asshole, you say (using this spontaneous voice of yours): “Hey guys, I’ve just discovered an endless source of great podcasts, you need to hear some of them right now!” and put on some nice podcast via Overcast before they answer. An easy and peaceful way! They’re not offended and you get to listen to what YOU want — is that a win-win situation or my glasses are just blurry?

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Also, people that don’t like driving alone and/or feel lonely in a car will have great use of this app too — a lot of different people, topics, and opinions are just one touch away. Almost like Tinder, but without creeps!

Btw. Please NEVER Tinder and drive!

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4. iHeartRadio: Sounds of love

I strongly believe there’s no proper car ride without a sing-a-long and believe me with other inFullSingers by my side — iHeartRadio is the best app that will help you to climb on the top of your vocal skills (read: scream your head off).

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But seriously, iHeartRadio gives you unlimited streaming music, thousands of live radio stations, a lot of podcasts, and playlists crafted for any moods or activities. You can search by music genres, artist radio stations, and also create your own playlists, of course. There’s so much audio content here my head hurts!

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5. Apple Maps: Find Your Car

Sometimes you’re just too overloaded with stuff to do that you forget where the hell is your car parked. Don’t worry — there’s a kind soul that will guide you through the mysterious and sometimes even multi-level mazes of parking areas and the spiderwebs of streets. Apple Maps automatically detect where you’ve left your car, and help to keep your stress level low.

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1 in 7 American drivers has forgotten where they parked their vehicles and have spent a collective 200 years looking for them.

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