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5 Android Auto apps that people love

by Jakub Dąbrowski

5 Android Auto apps that people love

It is estimated that there are over 1.2 billion* motor vehicles in use worldwide. By the end of the 2019 connected car shipments are expected to hit 64 million*, which is basically like the whole population of the Philippines. Can you imagine how awesome the target group for your business could they be?

In the U.S. 13% of car drivers use connected car services*, and 9 out of 10 people among them are satisfied with a vehicle to driver communication in their car*. The car apps industry is growing bigger every month, and we at intent are happy to be a part of this automotive revolution. As I said in my previous article, I’ve decided to ask some people I known which automotive apps are their favorite and why. This resulted in a shortlist of applications that really make drivers’ life easier.

1. NPR One: It’s gettin’ hot in here

It’s like being in the center of EVERYTHING that’s going on right now. Breaking news, reports, stories, and podcasts from around the world, including every tiniest corner of your city. The coolest thing is that the more you listen, the more NPR One learns about you. But not in a shady way — the only use of this knowledge is to offer you content you didn’t even know you’d love. A wide range of topics will satisfy literally everyone, and that’s not all — you can also customize the app to bring you news from the region you’re driving through. Awesome, right?

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Btw. The longest radio show was hosted on Radio Gilli in Dubai, and it was on air for 106 hours and 50 minutes.

2. Rainwave: wanna play?

Rainwave is an app every true geek will love with all his heart. A pretty sweet collection of video game music is waiting to be fired and bring on all the emotions that were shaking your body when you first pressed PLAY on your pad.

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You can choose from five different stations, including remixes, chiptune, and game music only. The best thing about this app is that it’s not only for those who love games, but it could also work on a family road trip because you know — everyone gets bored with traditional radio stations sometimes.

Now there’s only one question to be asked: Player One, are you ready to start?

Btw. The world record of pressing a controller button is 16 times in a second and it’s held by a Japanese gamer Toshuyuki Takahashi

3. ScannerRadio: Thrill me

Imagine all of your favorite movie drivers having an app that lets them listen to police & firefighter radio scanners and the nearest (250km) broadcasts of radio aficionados. What would the movies be like? Shitty, I guess — no risk, no fun.

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But only when it comes to the good cinema — in real life, you should rather avoid risk on the road if you’re a responsible person. The great thing about ScannerRadio is that you have the ability to listen to broadcasts that are far away from your location by finding the most popular broadcasts in the world manually. Another feature we love is getting noticed every time any broadcast surpasses a considerable number of listeners — that normally means that something worth checking is happening.

BTW. Police scanners are legal in some places and illegal in others, so be careful where do you use it.

4. ScoutFM: Polygamy for Audiophiles

This app is one of the easiest and safest way to listen to podcasts while driving a car. You can find a great number of podcasts and stations around topics you’ll love.

The great advantage of ScoutFM is the hand-selected collection of the freshest and highest-quality podcasts you can choose from. Doesn’t matter if it’s history, science, mindfulness, crime, books or more — you’ll find it here! Or you can just choose a ready station and just go and be busy with your activities.

Source: ScoutFM

After using the app for a few times, it will recommend you podcasts based on your listening history. ScoutFM is like your personal podcast DJ, and if you don’t think it’s cool you’re a Jon Snow of tech — YOU KNOW NOTHING.

Curious what are the best road trip movies ever? Check them here

5. Google Play Books: Such a Player

Google Play Books was brought to life in 2010 and build a collection of over 5 million e-books and audiobooks since then. It’s said to be the largest digital book collection in the world, and with this kind of audio library, you can make thousands of miles and listen to tons of books at the same time!

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The greatest advantage of this app is that listening books via Google Play Books is available even without the Internet connection, so you can drive through the wilderness without worrying you’ll bore to death. If you want your experience to be even better, you can search within the book, highlight text, add margin notes, and even select words to find definition or translation (OBVIOUSLY NOT WHILE DRIVING).

You can also personalize the app by changing the font or layout.

Btw. Do you know what are the 3 most popular books of all time? No, 50 Shades of Grey is not one of them! Here we go:

  1. The Bible

  2. Mao Tse-Tsung “Works of Mao Tse-Tsung”

  3. J.K.Rowling “Harry Potter”

Where to go from here

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Cover photo by Ryan Spencer on Unsplash


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