The 7 deadly MVP sins

We have gathered the 7 most notorious MVP mistakes. We based this compilation on 12 years (and +160 projects!) of experience as a dev shop specializing in delivering MVPs and helping our Partners get to the next funding round.

  1. Lack of a market need; not enough research to see if you’re solving a real problem
  2. The potential users wouldn’t want to pay for the product; lack of research and validation to check if the problem is big enough for your demographic to vote with their wallets
  3. Guesswork; you’re basing your decisions on “gut feels” not data
  4. Everything is HIGH priority; an MVP validates one and only one hypothesis, features are either must-have, should-have or nice-to-have; you learn how to plan your work most effectively
  5. Building features users don’t need, i.e. “feature creep;” the risk of much more time and money engagement needed
  6. Building features that need a lot of time to be delivered because of unclear communication between the founder, UX and developers
  7. Moving back and forth; you don’t have a clear process that would lead you to deliver a stellar MVP

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Written by
Jakub Dabrowski
Content Specialist